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Property and casualty specialists focusing on providing the most competitive products the vast

insurance industry has to offer.



your assets






When catastrophe strikes, it can be absolutely devestating. Be it from a natural disaster or from anything else.  Trust Mid-State Brokerage to make sure all coverages are in place to be able to rebuild after such events. This is the only way to be sure your investment will not get wiped away at any given moment.



Being a business owner entails many tedious tasks, insurance is the headache you want to give over to a broker that you can trust will handle it all. At Mid-State Brokerage we write businesses of all kinds from small to mid-size as well as large franchises too. You can be sure to count on us! 



If you are a specialty trade contractor, you know very well how many exposures there are to your profession that needs full protection for any possible lawsuit that can come your way, be it from a professional / general liability standpoint or for your completed operations. The choice is obvious, knowing that Mid-state Brokerage has the expertise you need will make you a lot more comfortable.



Liability claims are rampant in today's world and especially in multi-family properties. So why put your assets in jeopardy when you can have the peace of mind of being fully protected from any incident that may happen.  Mid-State Brokerage has the experience needed to provide you with a quality product and at the same time keeping your annual premiums down. 



Being a general contractor or a construction manager is quite time consuming, leaving no time to deal with one of the most important aspects - risk management. That's why many large contractors leave their insurance to the specialists at Mid-State Brokerage. We have the experience and expertise as well as exclusive programs designed to satisfy your specific needs and to make sure your Company has the right coverages needed to protect you from any possible claim.



Shopping Malls have property and liability exposures that need to be protected very carefully. At Mid-State Brokerage we have the proper understanding in these risks to make sure the appropriate coverages are in place to avoid any possible gaps in coverage for when they are needed most.



There's a well known saying, "Employees are a company's best assets". Making sure you have the proper classifications for all your employees is the only responsible way to run your Company. Let Mid-State Brokerage handle it for you so that you can focus on the other necessary responsibilities of growing your business. 


The difference is clear. We are focused, professional and competitive.

Our goal is to provide coverage that gives you the confidents that we are"protecting your assets properly".

Currently, we are in a historic soft market, making the industry a very competitive one.

For the benefit of our clients we are taking advantage of this time by constantly keeping up with all the

new products and programs the industry has to offer.  This is the reason for the major success we've been

having to deliver the best products out there from a coverage and of course from a pricing standpoint.

At Mid-State Brokerage we believe that each client is our largest and best client, you will always feel this way

from the way we service each and every account no matter the size or complexity.  One of the many things that makes us stand out from other independant agencies is the fact the we will never sell a policy without making sure we've answered every question that you may have, so that you feel 100% comfortable with the policy before you bind. We pride ourselves in providing clarity with regard to all the terms and conditions that our quotes include. We will explain the various options available and guide you to choose the best option, so that down the line -

at the most important times, there won't be any unexpected "surprises". 

We look forward in providing YOU with an experience you deserve and expect!



The primary component that makes our team unique, is that each and every one of our underwriters and sales representatives have a passion for property and casualty insurance!

This factor makes us extremely committed to our independent agency not just 9-5 but literally from start to finish no matter what and no matter who.  Our team's vast insurance knowledge and background all comes from many years of underwriting experience writing the most complex and hard-to-place risks. Covering every part of the industy from manufacturers, large REO portfolios, general contractors and everything in between - all over the country.  What clients like best about our group is the personal relationship we build with every client from the first moment you get to know us all the way through.  We work with our clients until there is 100% satisfaction and can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to get you the best product

out there, providing you with amazing pricing!  

Some of the many Carriers we represent....





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